How does this work?

Investing with CFDBUY is an opportunity to earn on such investment ideas that were previously available only to investors with very large capitals. The manufacturability and scalability of the platform allow us to make investments more affordable.
We strive to offer as few ideas as possible, but choose only the best ones. You do not need special in-depth knowledge, just familia rize yourself with the principles of work of different types of ideas, their profitability, risks, timing and read the description of the idea.
Over 2 years of work, we have been able to establish ourselves as professionals in the financial community. We were awarded prizes, licenses, audited our companies. And the customers who worked with us were satisfied.
Level of risk
Investments are more profitable than a bank deposit. However, more often, the greater the potential profit, the greater the risk. We offer ideas with varying degrees of risk. Choose what suits you.

Types of Investment ideas

Profitability calculator
Type of investment Revenue forecast Min. deposit Risk level Term
Ai Trading
20 - 45%
250$ Low 2 week
CRYPTO Strategies
12 - 30%
3 000$ High 1 week
70 - 140%
5 000$ Middle Lock Up
0 - 300%
1 000$ High 1 week
Shares OTC
250 - 500%
min. 30 000$ Middle All time
12 - 24%
500$ Middle 1 week
14 - 18%
1 000$ Low 1 week
4 - 100%
100$ High 1 week
5 - 25%
25 000$ Low All time
Trust Management
5 - 35%
min. 100 000$ Low 3 mon.
Companies and government agencies sell bonds to finance their own development. The higher the financial reliability of the bond seller, the lower the risk to the buyer. We offer only bonds with high profitability and without the risk of bankruptcy. The optimal period is 12 months. You can exit at any time.
The first public sale of shares in joint stock companies. We select and publish the best deals. Investors apply for participation. We collect one large application and buy shares at a bargain price before the start of public trading with the bonds not to sell them for three months. Most of these ideas bring tens of percent profit. Sometimes an early exit with a commission is also available.
Shares OTC
In the CFDBUY investment platform, you can buy shares of non-public companies. We choose campaigns with high capitalisation that can compete financially with those that are already on the world's leading exchanges. The profitability of such investments can be hundreds or thousands of percent, but with the risk of lack of the possibility of an exit for several years.
We buy and sell shares when reaching the conditions determined in advance by our traders. As a rule, this is achieving a specific price against a certain news background. You can always close an investment ahead of schedule without waiting for the target price to trigger. A very large potential profit, but the risk is higher than in other types of ideas.
CRYPTO Strategies
We have been following the development of Blockchain technologies since 2013 and are independently investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves and other projects, including through ICO. Type Crypto strategies are the best solution for those who want to join the cryptocurrency boom, but have no experience in trading. It should be borne in mind that such investments are highly risky, even in the hands of exchange trading professionals.
Tokens’ purchase is an opportunity to participate in the success of those projects that issue them. The more people use tokens, the higher their cost. The profitability potential in such investment ideas is practically unlimited. However, the selection of promising projects is extremely difficult due to their large number. Together with CFDBUY, you will be able to participate in some Pre ICOs under special conditions, similar to IPO.
Trust management
This type of money management is more suitable for people who value their time and understand that only a professional in the field should deal with time management, risks, analytics, software and all reporting. Trust management at CFDBUYis perfect for businessmen and big entrepreneurs whose funds will be managed exclusively by traders with Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualifications. All clients on trust management receive the status of "VIP-client".
The currency pair market entails high volatility and liquidity of assets, which is fraught with high risks and at the same time attractively by high returns. This market is great for scalpers and small investors, where the initial threshold of investment can be from $100.
Ai trading
Ai - Artificial intelligence. "Ai Trading" is a proprietary product from CFDBUY that is enhanced by the ability to learn during trading. AI from CFDBUY perfectly adapts to any level of deposit and the market that is interesting for the investor. Intelligence does not allow standard errors of a human nature and this sets it apart from any professional in our business. Perfect for both beginners and pros traders.