Technology Sector
Hi-tech portfolio in the stock market.
Low Risk
Low Risk
Portfolio profitability growth since 2018 by half year
Current price
from 10$
to 580$
Min. deposit
1 000$
Applications before
31 December
Min. term
6 mon.
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About the investment idea

About us
The Technology Select Sector (SPDR) stock exchange fund includes 73 of the largest US technology companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google. The fund excludes companies with small and medium capitalization, the stock price of which may fluctuate significantly.
Company prospects
The fund includes corporations from the IT, telecommunications and software development sectors, industries that have shown steady growth over the past few years.
By investing in an index consisting of a large number of big companies, you make the risk minimal. The fund’s risk-return ratio is higher than that of the S&P 500.
Finance and Valuation
By investing in a portfolio, you invest in dozens of big companies at the same time with one transaction.

How venture investments work

By timing
Min. deposit
1 000$
1. Company Search
CFDBUY analysts are constantly searching for offers on the off-exchange market, analyzing financial statements, a description of the company’s business, plans for the future, the possibility of a company’s takeover or multiple growth of capitalization, as well as risks that may impede business development. We suggest the best offers to our investors.
Amount of shares
2. Purchase of shares
As part of the over-the-counter stock purchase service, CFDBUY acquires shares of private companies for its traders and investors. Such funds invest in private companies in the early stages or purchase shares from company employees.
Start of bidding
10 Januar
Profit forecast
3. Start of bidding
After the IPO, the shares are at the disposal of CFDBUY. They can be sold after the expiration of the agreed Lock-up period of 6 months. Or hedge during this period. Prior to entering the IPO, CFDBUY is looking for an opportunity to enter the OTC market. When an optimal offer appears, shares are sold.
By timing
4. Getting a profit
After the expiration of the Lock Up period, the investment is automatically closed and the investor receives profit on the account minus CFDBUY fees. For investors whose investment amount exceeds $ 100,000, you can individually search for a counterparty in the OTC market and make a profit before the company goes public IPO and, as a result, before the end of the Lock Up period.

Early closure of investments

Despite the fact that it is impossible to sell shares during the Lock Up period, our traders find it possible to take profits from investors using various financial tools: forwards, options, short positions, etc.
For the investor, this means that he can close the investment by paying part of its value, usually about 15%, due to the high cost of fixing tools. To do this, click the appropriate button in the Investor’s Account when it has become active.
The closing process is similar to the start of the investing. You submit an application, we execute it within 1 business day and your investment is closed at the current price on the exchange.


At the entrance
No commission charged
To the close
No commission charged
At a profit
It’s charged only with a positive profit at the time the investment is closed.
To early exit
it’s depends on the situation on the exchange. It is calculated individually for each investment.

Benefits of investment with CFDBUY

24/7 support
Our risk managers provide support throughout the transaction. You can also contact us by Telegram @axeco_support or by phone number +44(0)20 3954 64 17.
Millions of dollars are needed to buy stocks on the OTC market. We have assembled a group of traders and investors, allowing everyone to participate in such transactions with various amounts.
Maximum Security
Venture capital investments are characterized by a high degree of risk due to investing in new or growing companies, in anticipation of a multiple increase in capitalization. We select companies that already have strong financial performance and plan to IPO in the near future. This approach allows you to limit the over-risks associated with the bankruptcy of new companies and significantly increase profits compared to investors buying shares by subscription.

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