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Tesla is one of the brightest examples of the companies of the future. The mission of the corporation is to accelerate the transition of the world to energy that does not harm the environment. In 2003, a company was created for the invention and production of electric vehicles, which in the future would completely replace cars with gasoline. Tesla believes that eliminating fossil fuel consumption will lead to a better world. This is the basic concept of their business.

В 2008 году компания Roadster произвела передовые батареи и электрическую трансмиссию, позволившие Tesla спроектировать первый в мире премиальный седан (модель S), полностью работающий на электричестве. В 2015 году в свой продуктовый ряд компания добавила модель X, которая стала самым мощным, быстрым и безопасным спортивным автомобилем в истории. Следующей разработкой компании стал недорогой электромобиль, производство которого было запущено в 2017 году. Вполне вероятно, что эту модель вы встречали даже на дорогах в России. Вскоре после этого компания представила безопасный и самый быстрый электромобиль Tesla Semi, позволяющий экономить владельцам не менее 200 000 долларов, которые могли бы быть потрачены при использовании автомобиля на бензине при поездке на миллион миль.

Производство осуществляется преимущественно на объектах компании в Фремонте, Калифорнии, Латропе, Нидерландах, Нью-Йорке. По планам Илона Маска, генерального директора Tesla, производство компании должно было составить 500 000 автомобилей в год к 2018 году. Благодаря созданию собственного производства, компания предоставляет тысячи рабочих мест. Более того, оно построено на возобновляемых источниках энергии. Достичь максимальной доступности автомобилей – еще одна задача компании. Таким образом, сочетание всех этих факторов определяет компанию как компанию будущего.
Company prospects
In an interview with Bloomberg, one of the founders of the company, Elon Musk, spoke about plans to expand the production of Tesla cars in Europe. The company is currently conducting a large-assembly Tesla Model S in the Netherlands. The deployment of serial production in Europe is planned to begin with the launch of the "budget" version of the Tesla Model 3.

In 2014, Tesla and Nevada entered into an agreement on the provision of tax benefits for the planned construction of the Gigafactory 1 battery plant - the largest in the world. Starting in 2020, the plant will produce 500 thousand batteries for electric vehicles. Investments in production will amount to about $5 billion. In January 2017, the factory began mass production.

Tesla Motors has tweeted that the American Samoa is almost 100% solar-powered by operating over 5,300 solar panels.

In May 2017, Elon Musk presented the company's development plan, providing for the addition of electric vehicles and a truck to the line.

In 2019, Tesla will buy out Maxwell, the battery manufacturer, with a transaction value of approximately $ 218 million. Both parties plan to complete the deal in the second quarter of 2019.

On March 14, 2019, the new Tesla Model Y electric car was introduced.
Despite the fact that the company is so progressive and technological, today its production is unprofitable. In addition, this business is subject to various risks. For example, exchange rate fluctuations can adversely affect a company's financial performance. Also, this business requires constant investment for the development of technologies, which is not always available and, as we see, does not always pay off.

It is also worth considering that Musk issued loans in the amount of $ 475 million against the security of his shares. According to The Wall Street Journal, this creates risks for other shareholders of his companies.
Finance and Valuation
In 2015, the company's revenue amounted to $ 4.046 billion, in 2016 - about 7 billion, and in 2017 grew to 11.759 billion. The dynamics of revenue, see the chart below. Permanent revenue growth is observed. The changes are especially strong from 2015 to 2016 (revenue grew by 73%) and from 2016 to 2017 (increased by 68%).

However, there is also a tendency towards an increase in company expenses: in 2015 amounted to 4.935 billion dollars, 2016 - 7.676 billion, 2017 - 13.72 billion dollars. As we can see, expenses exceed revenues, that is, profit (revenue minus operating expenses, tax payments, and other expenses) is negative. Moreover, every year net income decreases. See the chart for more details.

How venture investments work

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1. Company Search
CFDBUY analysts are constantly searching for offers on the off-exchange market, analyzing financial statements, a description of the company’s business, plans for the future, the possibility of a company’s takeover or multiple growth of capitalization, as well as risks that may impede business development. We suggest the best offers to our investors.
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As part of the over-the-counter stock purchase service, CFDBUY acquires shares of private companies for its traders and investors. Such funds invest in private companies in the early stages or purchase shares from company employees.
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After the IPO, the shares are at the disposal of CFDBUY. They can be sold after the expiration of the agreed Lock-up period of 6 months. Or hedge during this period. Prior to entering the IPO, CFDBUY is looking for an opportunity to enter the OTC market. When an optimal offer appears, shares are sold.
4. Getting a profit
After the expiration of the Lock Up period, the investment is automatically closed and the investor receives profit on the account minus CFDBUY fees. For investors whose investment amount exceeds $ 100,000, you can individually search for a counterparty in the OTC market and make a profit before the company goes public IPO and, as a result, before the end of the Lock Up period.

Early closure of investments

Despite the fact that it is impossible to sell shares during the Lock Up period, our traders find it possible to take profits from investors using various financial tools: forwards, options, short positions, etc.
For the investor, this means that he can close the investment by paying part of its value, usually about 15%, due to the high cost of fixing tools. To do this, click the appropriate button in the Investor’s Account when it has become active.
The closing process is similar to the start of the investing. You submit an application, we execute it within 1 business day and your investment is closed at the current price on the exchange.


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Millions of dollars are needed to buy stocks on the OTC market. We have assembled a group of traders and investors, allowing everyone to participate in such transactions with various amounts.
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Venture capital investments are characterized by a high degree of risk due to investing in new or growing companies, in anticipation of a multiple increase in capitalization. We select companies that already have strong financial performance and plan to IPO in the near future. This approach allows you to limit the over-risks associated with the bankruptcy of new companies and significantly increase profits compared to investors buying shares by subscription.

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